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Crying Foul On Hack-A-Shaq

NBA coaching is without doubt elite. Aside from some brilliant college coaches they stand alone atop the tower of Norman Dale. I still find myself questioning some pretty common practices and this past playoffs and current season has been no … Continue reading

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Looking Up to Lebron James, Looking Down on the Media

I’ve always been anti Bron, well before it was the cool thing to do. But I rooted for him this year. He was getting more flack than any other player who had played at anywhere near his level, and it … Continue reading

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Breaking Down the OKC Dynamic: A Statistical Analysis of the Durant/Westbrook Alpha Dog Struggle

  It’s a theme that started with last year’s playoffs. Westbrook attempted far too many shot attempts in certain games, causing many of them to be closer than they should have been, and in some cases supposedly causing his team … Continue reading

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