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Stephen Curry Deserves MVP The Harden Way

I read today that Harden was not only deserving of the MVP award but also “should have won.” I find this latter statement a bit hard to swallow given the events of the season. Even the former a tough sell. … Continue reading

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In Defence Of: The Legacy Of David Robinson

Discuss with the author and others on this article’s forum post. Zach Lowe quote –┬áThe Spurs, of course, have been so good for so long because of their culture, their smarts, their front office, and their coaching staff. But Duncan … Continue reading

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In Defence Of: Shaq O’Neal (And Ricky Rubio)

It’s been a while since I fired up FCP. It’s been a busy life and season that put hoops writing on a back burner. But things are heating up in the NBA. I just saw one of the most amazing … Continue reading

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Lakers Playoff Chances – Sports Chump Blog Off

Note to Pest: Don’t mention Dwight Howard to people from Orlando. In discussions with the prolific Sports Chump we got onto the Dwight topic. Orlandonions (guess?) have distinct opinions on the guy. And like all discussions about the Lakers recently … Continue reading

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