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A Recent History of Parity Between Conferences

I’ve found all of the flap about how bad the Eastern conference has been this season pretty annoying. Annoying because it’s elaborating on the obvious. Annoying because it’s the same story we’ve been hearing for over a decade. And annoying … Continue reading

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In Defence Of: The Woeful Eastern Conference

The East stinks. A litany of narratives describing it’s odor have been flying this season. A friend recently related that 31-24 Memphis (9th in the West) would be a force in the East. It’s a popular narrative that resurfaces every … Continue reading

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Pau Gasol and the Hall of Fame Probability Game has all kinds of fun stuff. Today I found myself staring at their list ranking the probability of active players making the Hall of Fame. Kobe Bryant is the only active “lock” for the hall (1.000 probability) while Tim … Continue reading

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Does the NBA Need Point Guards?

Last season, the Spurs came within a miracle shot of winning the NBA championship and they did so with a real good point guard (PG) by the name of Tony Parker. But for all of last season, the 10-15 minutes … Continue reading

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