LeBron James’ Playoff Statistical Domination

Tonight in game 5 of the East Finals LeBron James passed Michael Jordan as the playoff leader in points scored. Totals surely don’t tell the whole story of the NBA playoffs. It is “when it matters” but wild variance in games played rob meaning from the numbers. When considering LeBron’s playoff career though it’s clear he’s sacrificed things like scoring averages to pass to role players because it was the right basketball play to win. And those wins he led his team to are the source of more games.

In any case it can’t be anything less than a huge achievement to score more playoff points than anyone. I took the liberty to look up other important categories and was surprised at just how dominant LeBron has been. Observe.

3’rd in assists
Probably won’t catch Stockton in second. But more than Jason Kidd???
4th in 3s made 
Will pass Manu at 3rd possibly his next game. May have tonight. Yes Manu is third all time because Manu totally kicks ass. Will pass Reggie these playoffs. Will be in first ahead of Ray Allen by the end of his career easily. From a guy who’s detractors accuse of not having a jumper.
7th in boards 
Probably passes Karl Malone next season. Shaq and KAJ are in reach. Tim Duncan is in reach if he plays as long as Duncan did for sure. The only players he can’t catch are Wilt and Russel who played in a league where 6’5″ guys dropped 40/20 seasons.
2nd in free throws attempted 
Will likely pass Shaq in 3 or 4 more seasons. Could do it in 2. Except he’s not being fouled because he can’t shoot FTs. Duncan/MJ tied for fourth. He’s 32 remember.
2nd in steals 
He just passed MJ. Pippin is next in first with only 16 more before the game 7 vs Boston tonight. He could pass him for all time if he has a crazy finals. If not next year first is his.
21 in blocks
Not impressive till you realize that this season he just passed KG, Pippen, Wade, Horace Grant, Jermaine O’Neal and MJ. Zo is getting passed in a couple years.

Likely by the end of his career LeBron is going to lead history in playoff points, 3s and free throw attempts. Be 3rd in dimes. Top 5 in boards.

Bring up that finals record I guess. This is domination.

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