How To Lose A Game In 14,000 Words By Russell Westbrook

After being called a “Westbrook Hater” the other night I decided to tune in to the Thunder Hawks game and see if I’m really that bias. Albeit it’s still early so sample sizes aren’t large enough yet, but his numbers projected over a whole season are pretty great.

In the first quarter he got off to a shaky start with many TOs and bricke but greatly recovered in the second ending the half only down one.

In the third the wheels started coming off with his only production being 2 free throws and a dime amidst many poor shots and TOs. Redemption was coming in the 4th. Russ took over the game and was beginning to make doubters feel foolish capping a 17 point spurt off with a beautiful in rhythm 15 foot pull up in the face of his defender with 2:22 left in the game. Going up 4 to build their firsst lead since he made it 2-0 on the first shot of the game.

And then the following happened all with Kevin Durant’s ability just being ignored. Billy Donovan has his work cut out for him. For the sake of the careers of everyone involved I hope he succeeds. From where I’m sitting I still see a guy full of potential who’s making the same mistakes he made as a rookie.



































Teague is already releasing his jumper before Westbrook has crossed half court here.






































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