Reggie Evans: The Beareded Boarder

These Are Not The Only People Watching Evans
On The Glass This Year, Will He Be An MIP Candidate?

By Jeremy Graham

If Sampson got his strength from his hair does Reggie Evans get his strength from his beard? Are beards coming back into style? What we are trying to say, Reggie, is don’t trust sexy women unless they are into facial hair, and under any duress or circumstance… don’t shave!

Evans is the basketball cookie monster. He works himself into a frenzy and gobbles rebounds. The man is averaging 16 a game this season after barely seeing the floor in 2009 or 2010 as a perennial  bench warmer. How does one morph to being the best rebounder in the league?
Maybe it’s that only 3 games have been played this year. Makes sense, but one would have to forget that he has a history of being a pretty good rebounder; he just never saw the floor enough to be among the league leaders. He had the goods: per 36 minutes, Evans has averaged between 11.5-14.7 rebounds per game every season for his entire career.
If Rebounds Were Cookies: By Reggie Evans

Next consider his team. The Raptors are a pretty terrible on the boards. Andrea Bargnani, starting center, is averaging a paltry 3 per game and his career high is 6.2. He’s actually being out-rebounded this season by guards Jarret Jack and Demar Derozen. One could say this leaves all the boards for him, but I say it’s stepping up to the challenge with almost no help.

Once you consider his history you need to watch his game. Evans is everywhere the ball goes when it comes off the rim. Maybe this is just good luck with a small sample size and maybe he just has a sixth sense for where the ball is going to be.  It’s almost Rodman’esque. Like all the great rebounders before him, he always has position for both offensive and defensive rebounds. He is behind the player guarding him and boxing him out so he can get the offensive rebound. When you watch his game, it’s not luck but pure will and determination getting those boards; wanting the ball more. Rebounding really is only 20-30% skill, the rest is hustle… and heart. No one on the floor looks more determined to get to the ball than Evans. He will box out a teammate if he has to.
Then why is he only getting minutes now? The only thing i can think of was a lack of an offensive game and merely being an average defender. Despite being one of the toughest dudes in the league he’s still undersized at 6’8”. Having Bosh around must not have helped either but they sure could have used the rebounding and toughness down the stretch when Bosh was not giving a damn. If it’s offense I think a player getting 5 offensive rebounds a game should be considered a good offensive player. He’s not scoring himself but his offensive boards are converted into opportunities and point, not to mention prevent opponent fast breaks. Evans won’t even shoot after getting the board unless he is wide open so he is always making sure the ball gets back to the guys who run the offense.
People Forget That Making The NBA Is An Achievement
That Only The Most Elite Hard Working Athletes In The World Acomplish.
With This Attitude, No Wonder Toronto Signed Him

Hmm… I hate Chris Bosh! Yes I do, but I don’t want to end that way. Instead I will address some of the obvious questions.

Q: “Will he keep it up all year?”

A: The 16 per game pace. No. Rodman’esque is not actually Dennis Rodman.

Q: “Will he be among the league leaders at the end of the year?”

A: Absolutely. Only two things are in his way. First, he might start to lose minutes so the team can develop  younger players, especially if Ed Davis shows some life post surgery. This could happen if the Raptors fall out of the playoff race early. The second is fatigue. Evans is playing a purely strength based and energy consuming game right now.  If he’s spent his bench career preparing his body and conditioning for his break, for that kind of challenge, he will be okay. If not, it’s very likely he will slow down as the season wears on him.
One Must Agree, The Similarities Are Striking

Even considering this, if Evans gets 32 minutes a night he should easily get 12 boards a game, not to mention that 5-6 would be on the offensive end. With these numbers he could be the oldest player to win the most improved player award. Not only that but he would put himself in a good position, barring lockout, to get a nice final contract before he rides off into the sunset and eventually becomes the bouncer we all know his body made to be.ow dHow

Remember, R is for Reggie, and Rebound, that’s good enough for him.
And we mean it Reggie. What ever you do, keep the beard.

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