LayMan’s Math: Wilt Chamberlain’s Sexual Statistics

When Wilt Chamberlain was 55 years of age, he famously made a claim that was so absurd I’m sure you already know it. For the rock denizens (or if this was before your time) he said in all seriousness that he had bedded over twenty thousand women. Its brought up often, but lets take a moment to examine the numbers.I’m guessing he probably didn’t have sex before puberty. Lets say he ‘became a man’ at age 15 (before me, damn it!) and it was 20k over 40 years. That is both sensible and gives us nice round numbers.20,000 women a year / 40 years = 500 women a year.

Since they were different women no repeats, right?
So that means…

500 women per year/365 days =1.36 women a day

24 hours a day/ 1.36 women a day = a new woman every 17.64 hours

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Wilt Chamberlain would have had to have had sex with a new woman every 17.6 hours from the age of 15 to 55 and must have had sex countless thousands more times if he double dipped. Suffice to say, the single greatest solution to continental drought died with Wilt Chamberlain’s genitals.

I’m sure Wilt had CRAZY amounts of sex. Every kind of kinky group sex you could imagine. He had a room specifically designed in his home covered in mirrors so he could see the one he truly loved when doing the deed. I don’t think its possible to have that much sex when you’re spending time training; Wilt was a crazy good athlete, traveling; NBA athletes spent eons on buses and planes and who knows, maybe hanging out at his mom’s house for Christmas or something.

Say… he was sick for a week… I’m sure over 40 years he got food poisoning or some such ailment. That means the next week he would have to sleep with no less then 19 women between bathroom breaks to keep up. Another record Wilt would probably claim is to have spent 40 years without a single headache.
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If he was on a road trip spending one night in each city, and say that lasted two weeks, and say a family member died and he attended the funeral shortly after, and say he was only able to bag 10 new women for that month. The next month he’d need to get 66 more just to stay on pace.

I’m just trying to fathom the depravity that happened, or at least occurred in Wilt’s 55 year old mind. Given that he spent large amounts of his life not having sex with women, much less new women, Wilt must have had rooms full of 20-30 women, new women, in lines and ready for ‘the stilt’.

Chamberlain once recalled driving across Arizona or New Mexico and pulling his car momentarily to the side of the road presumably to take a leak. He says he was attacked by a mountain lion (he had scratches to prove it) that surprised him when it jumped on his shoulder. Wilt in all seriousness said he grabbed it by the tail, spun, and flung back into the woods from whence it came.

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The part he must have left out from the official story was with his bang count of new women in jeopardy, Wilt tracked the mountain lion to his den and made sweet love to the the lion’s wife lest he fall behind his 20,000 pace. Maybe he managed to slip off with the sweet young lion daughter too… charmer that he was. Wilt most likely would have made a great comic book hero and/or spokemen for ASSociation of LAtex Producers (aka ASSLAP).

Back to surreality, if its a given that Wilt was having considerably less sex at the 15 and 55 year ends of the time frame, and it is a given, then that means he made up for the 500/year count in the middle. The sessions must have been truly epic. Maybe Wilt was counting all the reflections in the mirrors of his own love den. Either way, I’ve still got images of sesame street kids candle making, football players running through tires and scientists using pipettes on endless rows of test tubes. Its no wonder they called him “The Big Dipper”!

And just a PS FCP fans… I just realized that I’ve been able to work a midget into two straight articles without even trying. Can I complete the little people trifecta? Tune in next week, same bat channel, same bat time, to find out!

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    This is a very interesting Casting call related to Wilt. They are looking to hear stories from women who have slept with Wilt Chamberlain. If you know anyone who knows anyone, let them know!

  2. Ha, that would be awesome. If I could I'd totally get the word out there, but I don't know any of those kinky chicks. ;0

  3. He could have had sex with multiple women at once.

  4. Heh, but he didn't do that every single day. Look at those numbers. He would have to have massive orgies which I have no doubt did happen, but must have had them with all new women, all the time. It's just way too far fetched. Ron Jeremy claims something like 4000. And he's Ron Jeremy. He had sex for work.

  5. Ha, nice. ;0

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