Carnival Of The NBA #65

Screw The Suits, Little Man From Another Place, I’ve Found My Excuse To Put You In My Blog, You’re A Star, That Gum You Like Is Going To Come Back Into Style, It IS!!!

Is that organ music I hear and cotton candy I smell in the land of Full Court Pest? I think so… or it could be the elephants. One thing I do know; I like David Lynch. Thus, I like things that are Lynchian. Starting off a sports blog post with a reference to Lynchianism may seem odd at first, until you realize that all things Lynch start off nonsensical eventually arriving at some point of clarity if only to make an obscure reference to something that should be less obscure. I guess what I’m trying to say is that TV suits sucked in 1992 when they ruined and canceled an unresolved Twin Peaks just as much as they sucked in 2005 when they canceled the kick ass show it influenced, Carnivale, which was also left unresolved. In reality, it just gives me context to make my obscure reference in the picture on the right. Umm………

Welcome to Carnival(e) Of The NBA #65!

My favorite contribution is this diddy from Both Teams Played Hard comparing the NBA’s progression to Chex Mix and other chips. There be wisdom in dem dere fried potatoes.

The NBA Chex Mix Rennisance

Side Note: I threw BTPH on my twitter account since I liked his article so much and saw the following two posts one after the other.

BothTeamsPlayedRT @sportsguy33 Did you ever notice that the Zoltar machine in Big looks like Hedu Turkoglu?
sportsguy33Did you ever notice that the Zoltar machine in “Big” looks like Hedu Turkoglu?

No! Don’t Do It Young Tom Hanks… Sure, You’ll Be Big And Still Score Like A Guard, But You’ll Play D Like, Uh, An Unpluggd Zoltor Machine, AKA Hedo Turkaloo

Low class Sports Guy. Boo Hiss! Am I to believe your columns are just a culmination of fan mail with added quotation marks??? If Simmons is not going to give credit (or at least traffic) for ripping Both Teams Played Hard off for his hilarious insight, Full Court Pest will with it’s second carnival(e) themed picture.

Time to pick up the pace.

NBA Database has a decent evaluation of Joe Johnson: The Most Under Rated NBA Player.
It still makes me wonder how you let Joe Johnson leave your 62 win team, or trade him for the worst NBA team’s bench players. We all hate Sarver for his NBA ownership evil, yes? Its difficult for me to tell who I’d punch first or enjoy punching more: him or Clay Bennet.

Sports Agent Blog has a piece explaining Why Did Jason Thompson Pick Andre Buck. Interesting Blog with an insider feel that’s just leaking out highly relevant information no one ever talks about. I checked out their First Round Break Down Of The Draft and was fascinated to get a view of the sports agent world. Just seeing who’s repping who is eye opening when you consider David Falk had just as big an impact on Jordan’s career as David Stern and Nike did. Great blog.

Basketball Fiend brings us The Fraternity Of Clutch comparing frat life with the best closers in the game. His ideas seem based on free thinking thoughts. 😉

A Stern Warning wrote an interesting piece on Joe Ingles, the NBA Draft And Exposure

explaining why playing in Europe may be why no-one knows who Joe Ingles is. The more coverage of Europe the better IMHO. Theres something real happening in Euroleague and I love it.

Binary Basketball feels The Role of the Point Guard in Today’s NBA Era has changed over the years and makes some very strong points.

I really dug With Malice’s article highlighting a bank teller guy Shaq’s going to play HORSE with… the dude’s oops are totally off the charts! If you have not seen the vid I advise it. Behind the back full length court perfect oop bounce passes are just that rare.

If You Don’t Like This, Here Is Something You Might Like WNBA.COM

Retro Sports Talk has two great submissions showing how 2009 NBA CLASS REMINDS OF DRAFTS OF THE PAST. If you like Pete Maravich, as anyone who’s a basketball fan absolutely should, then you’ll also enjoy RICKY RUBIO BRINGS BACK MEMORIES OF THE PISTOL if only to watch the clips of the two and see how remarkably similar their games are. Its not just the white skin and big hair!

Draft time is always tough for Celtics fans. They missed KD and TD, but nothing is worse then
Remembering Len Bias like they have to do at Celtics Green every year. Dude had sick talent and would have won multiple rings with Bird in Beantown. Cocaine is, indeed, a hell of a drug. Great clips of Bias’s I’m Ready For The Pros game. If you’re too young to remember Len Bias in college you should check it out. They’ve also got a Summer League Update.

On a more positive Celtic note, Red’s Army is trying to make lemonade out of the Rondo situation. He contends that Dannys Not Trying To Trade Rondo Hes Trying To Keep Him. Red’s soldier might have a pretty good point there. I love Rondo’s game too and hope it works out.

In the fantasy hibernation period of the year Give Me The Rock is creating a Fantasy HOF that you can vote on. On the ballots right now are class of 2008 players: Chris Webber and Shareef Abdur-Rahim. Remember that the best pros are not the best fantasy plyaers… I like this idea lots. Yet another way to rank my guys. Your host is coming off a fantasy championship… thanks Dwight!!!

Life of a Knicks Fan submitted a post quadfecta. To Shoot or not to Shoot? deals with the perils of building your team around career chuckers and what you DO need to win. Follows it with the Knicks 2009 Draft Preview (not so easy when Stern isn’t fixing the draft for you, is it knicks fans? j/k 🙂 ). Next, The many faces of Kobe Bryant. This may or may not be due to bitterness due to the defection of ex-knicks fan, present ‘Kobe Superfan’, Spike Lee. (again, a joke 🙂 ) Lastly he completes the quadfecta with Amare Vs. Bosh: The Battle Of The Not-Quite Super Stars. Lets add in Zach Randolph. Why does every forward in the league compare themselves to Bosh if they’re all better then him, and then say ‘go ask Chris Bosh, he’ll say the same thing’? I’d like to know this as well. E for effort and good posts Knicks Fan.

A few things that are a litle dated, but I’ll throw in anyway.

Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That, Terrence, But Barbie And Much More So Ken, Are Gay On Many Levels

Da Bears And Bulls did a Bulls Mock Draft 2009. It has a vid of NBA clip ready, Terrence Williams which is worth the price of admission alone. I have no idea whats going on in his head, but I like it (if only for selfish reasons), and look forward to being entertained by this guy for years to come.

Jojo adds his two cents to say Thank you Vinnie DelNegro for the Bulls run. Myself, I’ll say thank you Derick Rose for being Derick Rose. 🙂 Love the split pic of the Noah dunk on Pierce. Dunk of the playoffs. Best since Davis/Kirelenko especially given the context. Massive.

Nick Knows Best also adds hisReaction to Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Nick is beating his friends by one point. Go Nick! 🙂

Like ‘what ifs’ ‘what ands’ or ‘what buts’? GeekMBA360 asks What if you have five 17-year old Kobe Bryants on your team? but I get the feeling this is a business guy promoting his blog, not a hoop fan, so he’ll go to the end of the post with the rest of his ilk. Thats why its down here. Some other business blog posted Business Skills Of A Basketball Coach.html. Both are actually talking about hoop so yea, they can have a backlink but this is for NBA blogs not people masquerading as them to make money.

Last, and hopefully not least, if you are interested in reading articles of your gracious host (and still reading this one at all) I’d reccomend 12 Ways To Fake Being A Pro Basketball Expert for laughs, NBA Fan Evolution Part One: Fan Eras and Part Two: The Fan Evolves if you’re into history of the game (with lots of clips), and Scoring Assist Differential – Breaking Down The Kobe Laker Era, but only if you’re not a Kobe fan, as most of the cool cats of LA probably won’t like it anyway. Or check out the sidebar for anything else.

And that’s edition #65 of Carnival(e) of the NBA! Lots of great writing and information and links. Till the next one. Cheers!

And PS: If you’ve never watched Twin Peaks, you should!


If Spud Web Could Make It In The NBA You Could Be A Second Round Sleeper, Little Man. Especially In This Draft! 😉 Now Dance Us Home!!!

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  1. I don't think you understood those tweets. The RT stands for retweet so Jared (BTPH) was retweeting what Simmons originally said about the Zolatar machine

  2. Thanks for hosting the NBA carnival. And for including my Basketball Fiend article. There was a lot of good stuff here.

  3. Heh, yep, I did miss the point of those tweets. But I'm leaving it in… the article is written and why not direct traffic to him anyway? ;0 If I mistook it others will too and Simmons won't be affected at all.

  4. Michael is correct about the RT. I would never reference Big. Thanks for showing some love though, and nice work on the Carnival.

  5. Heh, NP man. Thanks for the funny and insightfull submission. ;0 'n yea, I figured if lots of people didn't get it they'd think simmons was ripping you and you'd look cool anyway, and if they did get it then I just look dumb, so no change! 🙂

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