This Week In Fantasy Movement…

Jarret Jack – Jack is having a huge boost in production as he is using Danny Granger’s minutes in a campaign to make sure people take notice. Jack’s production has been through the roof averaging almost 25 points, 2 steals, 6 assists and 2-3 boards.


Thabo Sefolasha – A must start if you need his increased production. With Durant and now Jeff Green out of the lineup expect big things from the Thunder newcomer. Don’t be put off by low season numbers. Thabo spent the season up to the trade deadline on the Bulls bench. You can expect much bigger things more like his last game when his coach played him 41 minutes and produce he did for 28 points and 8 assists.


Richard Hamilton – While starting or coming off the bench won’t change a lot minute wise for Rip (he gets his minutes) his demeanor has changed completely as has the play of the Pistons around him. With the team and Rip back to their regular chemistry (and Iverson out with a mysterious bench, err, back injury) Hamilton has been using his all around game (and great percentages) to help many an owner. Pick him up if you need him.


Leandro Barbosa – While Jason Richardson is making flashy dunks don’t forget about this Suns faithful who’s taking over Nash’s position at the 1 while he’s out. Nash’s injury looks to be hanging around and while he’s gong Barbosa is a fantasy steal. 41 points, 7 boards, 7 dimes, 6 steals 16/27 field, 5/7 3’s, 100% from the line is massive, massive night in ANY fantasy league. Barbosa might be worth hanging onto when Nash comes back as well as this has to do with the Nash injury but more to do with the Suns finally dropping Terry Porter and returning to PHX Suns fastketball.


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